Making Incorporating Technology in the Classroom a Little Easier!

Welcome to my wiki! My name is Amy and I am currently in my last semester of my Bachelor of Education degree. I have chosen to create this wiki for my final learning project in my ECMP 355 course. My goal for this wiki is that, by the end of this semester, I hope to have many valuable and useful technology-based resources that can be incorporated into K-3 classrooms. I myself am a newbie when it comes to incorporating technology in the classroom, and I am somewhat of a rookie when it comes to using technology in general, so this wiki will also be a learning process for me as I go along.

In each grade level you will not only find grade-appropriate resources, you will also find a picture of an apple,apple.jpg. After this picture I will list specific outcomes and indicators, from the Saskatchewan curriculum, that each resource will work for. Hopefully this will help you as you navigate through this webpage.

This resource will continue to grow as I grow as an educator, however, it is my hope that at the end of this journey there are many excellent resources I can share with you, the reader, that will help make incorporating technology into your own classrooms a little easier.