I am new to technology, but I decided to list a few reasons why I think it is beneficial to incorporate technology in the classroom. I am sure this list will continue to grow, but this is what I have come up with as a result of creating this wiki.

1.) Most Children Love Technology - Everywhere I look I see a child with some form of technology, whether it be a cellphone, a Nintendo DS, an iPad, or one of the many other forms of technology available to them today. If students are interested in using these things, why not incorporate them into your classroom? Incorporating things your students are interested in may result in your students paying attention more, or even learning more because they are more interested in what is happening.

2.) It's Something Different - Ever since I can remember school has always been pencil and paper, with the odd opportunity to use a computer. Incorporating things like SmartBoards, online games, and iPads into your classroom gives your students a variety or learning tools. When you incorporate these tools students are no longer learning just from lectures, they are also learning by getting involved and exploring various forms of technology.

3.) Students Can Share Their Work - When you allow students to Blog you are also allowing them to share their work with their peers, their parents, and even the online community (if you choose to take your blogs public). Students' successes and accomplishments are no longer limited to a school bulletin board but rather it can be shared with whomever has access to their blogs. This can give your students a sense of pride, knowing their work is being noticed by a number of people from different places.

4.) Technology Is Everywhere - In this generation students are growing up with technology, and it seems that technology is constantly changing and growing. Bringing these new forms of technology into your classroom will not only introduce your students to what is out there, but it will also help them gain the tools and skills to use these forms of technology; something they may need to be successful later in life.

5.) It's Fun! - As I have learned this semester, technology can be a whole lot of fun! Both you and your students can explore, learn, and play together with the various forms of technology that are available to you. It never hurts to incorporate a little fun into the classroom, especially when learning goes along with that fun.

6.) You Can Learn Too - As you explore with your students, you can also learn and grow as a professional. Just through building this wiki I have learned there is SO much out there, and I know there is still so much more I have not come across. Bringing technology in your classroom will allow you to see what's out there, learn from it, adapt it to meet your classroom's needs, which will help you grow as a professional each time you come across something new. Also, coming across new things can make teaching exciting, and it can help you from getting in a rut that could happen if you are only aware of a limited amount of resources.