This page is aimed for those of you who are, or would like to be, teaching in a grade one classroom. On this page you will find all of the technology-based resources I have gathered that will be beneficial and useful for incorporating technology into your classroom. I hope this page helps you bring fun and learning into your classroom through the use of technology!

Arts Education Resources:

English Language Arts Resources:

Starfall - this is a great, interactive site that introduces students to the concept of reading and phonics through many fun and educational activities, videos, and games.
apple.jpg Outcome CR1.1; Indicator a
apple.jpg Outcome CR1.3; Indicator a

Blogging - Blogging can be a useful tool for young children who are just learning how to read and write, or are looking to get better at these skills. Kidblog is a website that is safe for teachers and students to blog. Blogging will allow your students to get familiar with skills such as spelling and word and sentence formation. Blogging also gives your students a space for telling and relating to stories (real or not) in one common area. It also allows children to share their work with their peers to receive comments or feedback, and it allows to comment on their peers' work as well.
apple.jpgOutcome CR1.1; Indicators c, d and e
apple.jpgOutcome CR1.3; Indicators d and e
apple.jpgOutcome CR1.4; Indicator h
apple.jpgOutcome CC1.1; Indicators a, b, c and d
apple.jpgOutcome CC1.4; Indicators a, b, d, e, f, g, h, i and j

Health Education Resources:

BrainPOP Jr. - Health I could not choose just one category from this page, since there are so many areas that fit so well when teaching grade one health education. This link will take you to a fabulous page, full of many different categories for teaching a wide variety of areas in health education, including: hygiene, the food pyramid, safety, and many many more. Please feel free to explore this wonderful resource and choose what interests you and fits into what you are teaching!
apple.jpgOutcome USC1.1; Indicators e, f, g, h and j
apple.jpgOutcome USC1.2; Indicators a, b, c, e, f, h, i and j
apple.jpgOutcome USC1.3; Indicators a, b, c, e and f
apple.jpgOutcome USC1.4; Indicators a, c, d, f and h

Mathematics Resources:

BrainPOP Jr. - Number Sense this link will take you to a wonderful site, full of lesson ideas, videos, and activities all geared towards number sense. I found this site useful for helping to cover aspects of the grade one mathematics outcomes and indicators, under the number category. This site does require you to sign-up, but I assure you that it is worth it! (If you do not want to sign-up, or are unsure, there is also a free trial option!)
apple.jpg Outcome N1.5; Indicators a, b, c and d

BrainPOP Jr. - Patterns this link will take you to a great video that you can show your class, which helps explain and show what a pattern is. The video has 2 funny characters that students love to watch, and gives them great examples along the way. There is also an activity to go along with the video!
apple.jpg Outcome P1.1; Indicators a, c, d, e and g
apple.jpg Outcome P1.2; Indicator a

BrainPOP Jr. - Measurement this page will take you to the main measurement page on the BrainPOP Jr. website. From here, feel free to navigate and find what videos, lesson plans, and activities that best suit your classroom and your needs.
apple.jpg Outcome SS1.1; Indicator a

Physical Education Resources:

Move to the Groove - this YouTube video is a fun way to get your students up and moving, whether it's during their gym time or just in the classroom as a brain break.
apple.jpg Outcome PE1.1; Indicators b and c
apple.jpg Outcome PE1.2; Indicators b, f and h
apple.jpg Outcome PE1.6; Indicators a, d, f
apple.jpg Outcome PE1.7; Indicators b and f

Science Resources:

BrainPOP Jr. - Seasons this link is full of information regarding to the four seasons, which is taught in the Earth and Space Science category of the grade one science curriculum. On this resource you will find information, videos, and activities relating to all four of the seasons, as well as much more information needed to teach these seasons to your students.
apple.jpg Outcome DS1.1; Indicators b, c, f and h
apple.jpg Outcome DS1.2; Indicators a, c, d, f

Social Studies Resources:

BrainPOP Jr. - Diversity in Celebrations this link will take you to a video that helps explain the different types of winter holidays celebrated around the world, helping children understand diversity. On this resource you will find a video, background information, lesson plan ideas, as well as many other activities you can use in your classroom.
apple.jpg Outcome IN1.1; Indicators a, b and c


PBS Teachers - this website covers almost all of the above teaching areas. This link has multiple pages full of various teaching resources, including videos, online interactive activities, as well as lesson plans. There are so many activities I could not pick one, so feel free to browse to find activities that best suite your classroom.

Jeopardy Review Game - if you are lucky enough to have a SmartBoard in your classroom, this link will provide you with a Jeopardy game generator. This game generator will help you create your very own Jeopardy style game to use as a review tool in your classroom.

Studyladder - I put this resource under other because it covers all of the subjects listed above. You do have to sign up for this website, but once you have a profile it allows you to search by subject area and then you can pick your grade. You also have the option to search for the type of resource you want from a large selection, including; assessment, challenges, interactive activities, interactive play, videos, and many more.

Gamequarium -this website is another great website that looks at each of the subjects listed above. On this website you will find videos, games, and activities for each subject area, and all of these are divided by grade which makes it easier to find what you are looking for.